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· 2 min read
Ben Brandt

We are extremely grateful that so many of you trust us with your AI needs. We constantly strive to improve the speed and reliability of our API, and the last thing we want is for your requests to start getting rejected because you ran out of credits and didn't notice.

With our latest release, you will not only be notified if you run out of credits, you can choose what credit balance will trigger the notification.

· 2 min read

Token Managment List

What's New

We now support the creation of multiple API tokens for each user account. Many of our users either have many clients, teams, or projects, and now you can have dedicated tokens for each of them.

You can multiple tokens for different use cases, instead of the single one we provided before. Separating tokens also allows you to securely revoke a token without affecting the API tokens of other projects or teams. The newly created tokens offer additional security by not being stored after creating them. Remember to copy the token since you won't see it afterward.

· 6 min read
Ben Brandt

Back in April, we released an initial version of our Summarization endpoint, which allowed for summarizing text using our language models.

We quickly noticed however, as did some of you, that it had a few problems when we tried integrating it into projects:

  • Document length was limited to the context size of the model (only ~2000 tokens available for the document).
  • As the documents grew larger, the endpoint became much more likely to just return the first sentence of the document.

In the meantime, we released some improvements to our Q&A endpoint that resolved similar problems for that use case. Particularly for Q&A, we can:

  • efficiently process really large documents, returning the best answers across the entire document.
  • process Docx and Text documents, not just Prompts.

With these improvements to our document handling, we were able to come back to Summarization with new approaches and better results.