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Aleph Alpha API

Next-generation AI. Made in Europe.


Once deployed, it automatically assists in writing, summarizing, translating any type of text, answering open-ended questions in natural language and much more. It comes pre-trained, so there is no need to show us your data. Just take it and adapt it to your needs.


It is multilingual and multicultural. It speaks and writes in multiple European languages while comprehending European cultures and values. Customers receive AI technology that is uniquely sensitive to cultural & linguistic nuances fostering intercultural exchange like never before.


It can learn from text and images and solve tasks that involve both types of data. Transcending modalities in any order and quantity provides customers with unique value creation opportunities. Further modalities are in the making

Tools and methods

It goes far beyond training and deploying large foundation models. We build and deploy tools and methods, which can be added on top of foundation models to improve interaction and functionality.


It saves costs because its pre-trained, meaning that customers skip the costly creation and use of annotated, proprietary data. Now, the latest AI “Made in Europe” is also available for those with limited budgets.

Contextual Knowledge

It has contextual knowledge of the world, enabling the understanding and production of a wide range of texts in and across various languages. In combination with specific customer data, we are able to find previously unthought approaches to complex challenges.