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Low Credit Balance Notifications

· 2 min read
Ben Brandt

We are extremely grateful that so many of you trust us with your AI needs. We constantly strive to improve the speed and reliability of our API, and the last thing we want is for your requests to start getting rejected because you ran out of credits and didn't notice.

With our latest release, you will not only be notified if you run out of credits, you can choose what credit balance will trigger the notification.

What's New

Email Notification

If your credit balance reaches or falls below your configured threshold at any point, you will receive an email notification to alert you.

You can then go to your account, buy more credits, and start sending requests again.

Low Credits Notification Email


If your account is marked as "Postpaid", you won't receive these emails. These are intended to help users who purchase credits ahead of time.

Custom Threshold

By default, the threshold is set to 0 credits. For some of you, waiting to get notified until your service is no longer able to access our API isn't enough.

You can change the threshold from the default to a value that works for your needs. You can change the threshold on your billing profile. You will then be able to get an email earlier, allowing yourself enough time to purchase credits before your balance ever runs out.

Set custom credit threshold

We hope this feature helps you continue to successfully build on our API. It came directly from talking to our users, so if you have any other ideas or feedback, feel free to send it to us at