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📄️ Interacting with Luminous models

You can interact with a Luminous model by sending it a text. We call this a prompt. It will then produce text that continues your input and return it to you. This is what we call a completion. Generally speaking, our models attempt to find the best continuation for a given input. Practically, this means that the model first recognizes the style of the prompt and then attempts to continue it accordingly. Depending on the task at hand, the structure and content of the prompt are essential to generating completions that match the input task. By using a set of techniques, which we lay out in the following sections, you can instruct our models to solve a wide variety of text-based tasks. Note that increasing task complexity may require larger models. Find examples for tasks of varying complexities below:

📄️ Model Card Luminous

The Luminous series is a family of large language models. Large language models are powerful technological tools that can process and produce text. These capabilities emerge during model “training” where the model is exposed to significant amounts of human text data. Similar to a person who deliberately absorbs information while reading a whole library and half of the internet, large language models acquire structural understanding (and not necessarily also knowledge) of language and accumulated information about the world.