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Our Luminous models come in different sizes and prices. You can experiment with them to find the one best suited for your needs.

One token is roughly equivalent to a short word or a syllable. As a rule of thumb, 1000 tokens are about 720 words. Images always have 144 tokens, regardless of their size and resolution.

All prices shown are in credits and the respective EUR equivalent.

Model Pricing

In the table below you can find the base prices per model.

Price per 1000 input tokens0.03 (€0.006)0.045 (€0.009)0.175 (€0.035)Coming Soon
Price per input image0.03024 (€0.006048)0.04536 (€0,009072)Coming SoonComing Soon

Task Pricing

Based on these base prices per model, we charge different rates for each task. Not all tasks generate output tokens, thus multiplication factors for output tokens are displayed where applicable. The multiplicative factor for output tokens is applied on top of the task-specific factor for input tokens.

TaskFactor input tokensAdditional factor output tokens
Semantic Embed1.3-
(De-) Tokenize0.5-

For example, an "Evaluate" task for 1000 input tokens on luminous-extended costs 0.045 (base rate) * 1.1 (input task specific factor) = 0.0495 credits. Additionally, 1000 evaluate output tokens would then cost another 0.0495 * 1.1 (output task specific factor) = 0.05445 credits. Thus, the total cost for this 2000 (1000 input + 1000 output) token request would be 0.0495 + 0.05445 = 0.10395 credits.